California Hash Contacts

Hash Schedule Contact
Los Angeles Winters: Saturday @ 3 PM
Summers: Monday @ 6:30 PM
Hotline: 562-HASHITT
Long Beach Winters: Sunday @ 10 AM
Summers: Thursday @ 6:30 PM
Hotline: 562-HASHITT
Orange County Every other Saturday @ 10 AM
Plus one Friday monthly @ 6:30 PM


ThrowDown Once a week or Bi-monthly.
Usually Monday-Thursday.@ 7:30pm



Chapter 13 Monthly, near the 13th @ 7 PM
Foothill Monthly, Sunday @ 3 PM  
Full Moon Monthly, near the Full Moon @ 7 PM  
PMS Monthly, near the 28th @ 7 PM
Valhash Like, whenever
High Desert Monthly, Saturdays @ 6ish PM summer, 3ish PM winters  
Santa Barbara Winters: Every other Saturday
Summers: Every other Thursday @ 6:15 PM
Hotline: 805-964-0444
Ventura Runs on second Sunday @3:00 p.m Summer, 2 p.m. Winter Hotline: 805-643-4136
OC Hump Hash Runs on alternate Wednesdays @6:30 p.m.
San Diego area Hotline: 760-599-SHIT
Bakersfield Hotline: 661-MEDFLYS
Quake Central Group Hashes once a month ......Dates picked by Hares Hotline: 559-681-3866
Sacramento Every other Saturday @ 10AM Hotline: 916-369-2772
Fresno/Clovis Every other Tuesday @ 6:30  
San Francisco
San Francisco, East Bay and OTR Hotline: 415-409-HASH
Gypsies in the Palace Hotline: 415-ON-1-HASH
Silicone Valley, Monterey Bay and others Hotline: 408-267-1504

Additions and/or corrections to this info would be appreciated. Please mail them to rtd